The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all beauty came from.- C.S LEWIS

Hello, friends! 

I truly believe our lives tell the most beautiful stories (even if they're messy) and that those stories are worth capturing. I take delight in doing just that, documenting moments, BIG and small, to tell this wonderful and worthy piece of your story through photographs. So glad you are here.

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A sweet Review

Katie + Riley

"Megan took time to understand our wedding day vision and all the dynamics that made our day unique. She treats each person she meets like an old friend, and makes everyone feel so at home behind the camera."

"Not only is Megan extremely talented, but she is also one of the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet! We are so thankful that Megan was able to flawlessly capture our big day, and we can't wait to cherish these pictures and the memories that they bring for years to come!"

Shaelyn + Chipper

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